Fitting Philosophy

Fitting Philosophy

Good custom fitting is a marriage of science and art.

It requires a meticulous person who knows what works, is willing to put in the time and effort, and can give the customer critical feedback. The goal is to improve accuracy, balance, consistency, distance, efficiency, and feel.

Good fitting is not about hitting a 350 yard drive once a round. It is about consistently maximizing your distance and accuracy. We look at the entire package, from your current equipment to your current swing. More importantly, we will discuss how to realistically maximize your potential.

This is where club building comes in. The beauty of Joe's skill is in how he builds your club by understanding the specs of every component and how each affects your swing.

Fitting is a personal experience and we believe in developing a strong relationship with each of our customers. Testimonials from happy customers of all skill levels attest to our proven and thorough fitting process.

Shaft Fitting

Keep in mind, no shaft is better than the one fits your swing profile, no matter what the cost!

In our humble opinion, exotic shafts feature tighter quality control and have a distinctive feel and character. So, if you ask us to copy a certain set up that you like, it will most likely be easier for us to achieve this from better quality controlled shafts. Some feel players can only go with a certain brand because of feel and character.

NO! Even though we are more comfortable working with exotic expensive shafts, we're not crazy enough to think they are for everyone. We are very open minded about most of the popular shaft brands and models and we do our best to give everyone enough options from which to chose. There are too many shaft brands out there to keep up with, but we do try to stay current with the more popular ones.

At Your Full Fitting

Be prepared to spend 2 to 3 hours for a launch monitor fitting, dynamic fitting, and static fitting. We'll assess your swing to determine how to increase/maximize your overall potential and provide tips, drills, and recommendations to instructors.

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Phone Fitting

Before we conduct a phone fitting, we ask that you fill out the appropriate questionnaire while providing as much detail as possible to ensure the best fitting.