I traveled to San Francisco in September to get custom fitted by Joe Kwok. I spent the entire day with Joe and long story short, I received my 15 new custom built clubs this morning, here in Ireland.

I played 16 holes at my home club, in a cold wind that was playing what we refer to as a "2 club wind".

I play off a handicap of 9 ::: I hit 14 greens in regulation ::: hit my 5 iron on 4 holes to the middle of the green, pin high :: the clubs are amazing and so balanced.

It is fair to say that all I had to do was to swing the club and everything else fell into place. My best golf buddy hit my driver and irons throughout the round and he could not believe the performance of all clubs.

Finally, after playing golf for 45 years and I am a total "nut for new clubs" , my search for "Utopia" is over. I have been "Kwok'd".

Joe is the most professional, understanding and just the nicest guy that you will ever meet. His knowledge of golf, golf clubs, custom fitting and custom building is top notch.

I will be playing at least three rounds over the next few days and I will post another update as to how the clubs behave.

— Michael Crowley

Joe has been working on my clubs since 2005. I have played some of my best golf with equipment he has worked on. His grinds on my wedges are terrific. Clubs feel lively and play consistent after his work is done. I cannot say enough about the quality of his work and the time he takes with you to get it right. You will play better with him in your bag.

— Chris Kamin, Nationwide Tour 2005, 2008, 2010. Asian Tour 2002-03, 2007.

So I ordered a 54 and 60 degree from Joe last week and just wanted to give a little shout out to Joe. These are absolutely the best wedges I have ever touched. The wedges are on the heavy side and that just gives tons of confidence in accelerating through the ball. The grind gives me the ability to play a trap shot as well as open up the face and play something high if needed. No problem at all with the clubs interaction with the ground.

The wedges will stop from basically anywhere. It's fun to actually see a shot in your head and know that you have the equipment to pull off the shot.

I just can't say enough about these wedges after playing with them for a bit... Best money I have ever spent on anything golf related. Really not even close.

I'm honestly thinking about getting with Joe on some type of iron set. That's how good the wedges are!!

— Wolf4birdie

Fourteen Wedges

The end result is just amazing. Each wedge is just meticulously build. Detail is perfect. the ferrules are turned, polished and melt into the hosels. Most importantly, the feel and balance is unlike any wedge I've played. The clubs seem to open and close automatically. Even with the first swing in my basement after first opening the box, I waggled, took one swing and instantly knew I had something really special here. On the practice green these things were deadly. Can easily control the trajectories - which are a little lower and hotter - and stop the ball on a dime. You want to take your wedge play up a notch....go custom and get Kwok'ed. These sticks are money; best buy of the season for me.

Custom Miura Wedge Grinds

Just can't say enough good things about Joe's work, his attention to detail, his accessibility, and his enthusiasm.......and these wedges!

I've got shots, i've got tools, i've got tools that allow the most shots. Joe touched it up with just the right amount of bounce for my game.

Great work Mr. Kwok!

— onafriday


A testament to Joe’s work: I’ve played golf for 16 years without an eagle, and I’ve been a single-digit handicap for the last 10 of those years (even was down to a 2.3 index at one point). Anyway, Joe built these Miuras for me this year, and so far I got a hole in one on the 4th of July, followed by an eagle a week later (when I stuck a 6-iron to two feet for my 2nd on a par-5), and then I had back-to-back eagles in a work golf outing; the second came from when I stuck an 8-iron (yes, it was downwind) to 2 feet on my second shot on a par 5. I couldn’t be happier with my new irons! Thanks Joe!!!

— goingpro

The past two weekends was the club championship at my course, and i shot rounds of 72-68-74-70 for a -4 total of 284 and I blew out the field by 10! I know people are going to say that I hit the shots and the equipment had nothing to do with it, but there is something to be said for confidence. I am so confident standing over the MP-62′s that I know I’m going to execute the shot. In three of those rounds I hit 15+ greens including all 18 in the 68. Since you fit me, I am hitting the ball in the center of the face much more consistently which is giving me the confidence. Just wanted to share that with you, Joe, and keep up the good work!

— Eric B.

I have wedges done by Joe K......

They are the best that I have ever had, and that includes my tour issue vokeys that I got at the one PGA tour event I qualified for.

He is the real deal and knows what is going on. I appreciate his talent, and have seen it first hand so I can respect it as well.

I was a PGA professional for 15 years and he is one of the best I have ever seen. Period.

— DG

The first time I had got in touch with him I had a very positive feeling in dealing with him: it took me a very short time to realize that he owns a really outstanding knowledge in the art of fitting. Then when my very first club, he worked on, had been delivered I also realized the incredible club maker skill he has. He is taking care of any small detail and you can bet that at the end you will swing the club with the exact spec you want… From 2001 till now I have been team manager of Italian national Team in more than fifty international events. Lately more and more Italian top amateur players told me to ask Joe his idea about a club spec or a shaft performance and he has always given free advice to them. Anna Rossi – now on the Ladies European Tour – won, playing with a driver made by Joe, the 2005 British Ladies Stroke Play Champion, the 2005 Italian Amateur and got her card for the tour. Claudio Viganò – a very talent young player who had a pretty good 2007 winning the prestigious Duke of York Trophy, the Italian Boys’ Amateur and the European Boys’ under 16 Team Championship – is now playing a driver done by Joe: the European tour department of a major club producer was not able to do it as Claudio wanted to, but Joe did it! In Joe we all trust!

— Stephano S. from Monza, Italy

Joe Kwok’s reputation here is that of one of the best club fitters/builders around.

Here’s the experience I’ve had with him.

I’ve taken up the game less than a year ago, but had an epiphany in september where I overnight graduated out of my set of shovels – not in handicap terms, but i just realised hit the blade i picked up in a used bin more consistently and it taught me to swing correct. I now know that I struggle with offset and large club head and any sort of pseudo-forgiveness. Another thing that I noticed through various demos was that I can hit well anything that is well built and fits me, and struggle with other stuff.

So my quest for a clubfitter started.

I live in Hong Kong and although golf is on the big up here. There’re not many good clubbuilders or fitters around. And to have someone who can do well both is nigh impossible. Don’t get me wrong you can find all the best equipment, launch monitors, simulators. But there is so much demand that people would buy just about anything, so why try. I had a couple of very mediocre experience myself.

Having read many people’s feedback about Joe Kwok, I decided to try my luck. I wanted a set of miura blades which I demoed here and fell in love with. The price is steep but I say better a no compromise set than a few hunderd bucks and a set that you always know could have been better.

I have tried various shafts s300, s400, x100, kbs S, X, Xss, nspro950 with my bridgestone and tourstage blades, tried different heads new titts, mizunos, had three miura clubs for a demo for a day and had a very strong opinion on what i wanted. i had the best results with KBS shafts and I loved the sound and look of miura, plus their wedges make me look like I can play. So it was going to be a set of baby blades with KBS shaft.

Joe sent me a questionnaire. I returned it completed also filmed my swing for him. I rang him up to discuss it all on the phone. After a longish chat Joe didn’t challenge my head choice (I think good fitter will make you look good with any head), but said the shafts i wanted were completely the wrong thing for me (what does he know ten thousand miles away when I know KB is the best). Well I thought what the hell you’ve got to trust the guy, otherwise you only have yourself to blame for it – so i went with his recommendation of x100 softstepped. We also changed my set composition to drop 2i in favor of the gap wedge (i have a big 140-115 gap at the moment PW to SW which I struggled with).

3 days after miura shipped the heads to Joe he had my set ready and shipped and 2 days later it was in my bag.

I was a bit apprehensive taking them to the range for the first time – i really wanted them to be good after all this time and thought it might be the indian that’s the problem. I can’t begin to tell you how much it was the arrow.

I was stunned. Everything was going straight at where I aimed, puring one after the other. What I was surprised at at first was how much easier I was swinging than with s400s I currently game – first range session where I haven’t shed a drop of sweat. Even mishits looked better.

Also, regardless of swing natural, swing easy or step on it, all the shots were going on the same line just different distance. On my current clubs I have to completely change the swing and set up if I want to change the effort. This is the first range session (I’ve had 150+) when I didn’t feel the need to tune my swing. I just went through the routine and the ball went where I wanted. I was glad I dropped my 2i as everything now gone a club longer in distance and my short gap is closed nicely – may be I’ll bring it back when I learn to play the wedges like a pro, because Joe’s 3i is easier to hit than my old 5i.

So this guy who saw my swing just on a grainy you-tube video talked to me for 20mins and said: “let me think” took 20secs to think and came up with the better fit than I could imagine, he then proceeded to build a set that performs superbly club to club and feels like sex to swing.

I’m definitely having my woods done with Joe, when I refill the purse and for those of you who want to make sure it’s not the arrow do yourself a favor get a set built by Joe.

— Dima Rozgonyuk/Deman77 from Hong Kong