Wood blueprinting

This is a tough one here, lots of factors variation and modification that can change the time it takes to work on the club. It could be fast as a 30 minutes job or it could be a 2 hour job. Most of the time it is around 40 minutes.

After an extensive fitting discussion phone call (average is around 30 minutes). It would be best if you already have a launch monitor number for us to discuss. Bare in mind that launch monitor is only good to guide us to make some changes to a better result number. Don't get to caught up with one launch monitor number, it could be different from one to another... plus there are some operators factors involve on how accurate he/she gave you the reading and set up.

Let start from pulling the shaft out. Patience and a good puller are keys to pulling the shaft out nice and clean without any damage, let the heat travel to the epoxy and soften it up for an easy clean pull ( it could be 5-10 minutes but it can took 30-40 minutes depending which head), Clean up the hosel and clean up the pulled shaft and check the head weight 5-10 minutes. Spined and flo'ed the shaft on the machine and marked it properly ( 10-15 minutes ). Dry fit the head and check the cpm to determine how much tipping need it or how much head weight need to be adjusted, above 5 grams will be internal weight adjustment ( It could be 15 minutes but it could be 30-40 minutes ) and then I'll start by tipping 1/2" to 1/4 less than intended in case of miscalculation and re check till i got to a spot that is pretty close to (within a couple cpm usually). Glue them together and make sure the ferrule sit nice and tight and shim it if I have to for 350 hosel. ( 5 minutes ). Wait 24 hrs to ensure epoxy bonding in full strength, turn down the ferrule to get a nice flush and shinny ( 5 minutes ). Double check on every spec if there is any missed calculation.

Keep in mind that CPM means nothing if we don't understand the character of the shaft and how they're build. The same cpm can feel boardy or noodly. So understanding the character of the shaft will lead me to make a decision what cpm number and tipping I should get/do. There are so many options on shaft spec and character that need to be considered before making decision.


Keep in mind also that tipping is not always the answer to get the cpm number, because tipping will change the character of the shaft on how it play.


Again, This is "my" way of doing it!